Ready, set, GLOW! Prepare to take your cleansing to the next level. Experience a deep pore cleansing, with spa like results, from the comfort of your own home. The Cleansing Brush is designed to help you manage breakouts, reveal glowing skin, and increase the effectiveness of all of your other Look Good Live products.


FEATURES:* Three cleansing modes (low, medium, and high) use sonic technology, which features over 7,000 vibrations per minute, to clean dirt, dead skin, oil, and makeup residue from your pores. * Two heated functions, including a heated massage, promotes increased blood circulation and is the perfect companion for your serums and eyes creams as it allows for a 85% higher product absorption rate. * With just one use texture is improved, pores are clear, there is an undeniable glow 🤩.* Detachable silicone brush is 35X more hygienic than a traditional bristle brush, and provides an irritation-free cleanse for all skin types.* Simple to use USB charging capability allows 500 uses per charge.


NOTE: Charging port can get wet without issue. However, please ensure the port is completely dry before charging.



Step 1: Rinse face with warm water and gently massage in The Universal Cleanser.*

Step 2: Apply 2-3 pumps directly on the silicone brush head and power on device. Mode 1 is perfect for sensitive skin, Mode 2 is perfect for normal skin, and Mode 3 is perfect for those looking for a deep cleanse. Feel free to customize your cleansing experience by switching modes in various sections of your face. *

Step 3: Move brush head in circular motions, cleansing entire face. It is safe to spend more time in areas that may be of a personal concern.*

Step 4: Rinse face and clean of any excess cleanser.*

Step 5: While skin is slightly damp, apply The Eye Cream and The Super Serum (not included) and activate mode 4 or 5 to massage in product.

The Cleansing Brush