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Meet the Brand

  • Our mission is to simplify skincare, remove gender bias, and normalize the use of luxury products within the black and brown community. While we know wellness looks different for everyone, we celebrate, and provide the tools for consistent skincare as a form of self care.

  • Our vision is a world in which women and men change the way they view their skin by removing the notion that it is problematic or troubled, and instead embrace and celebrate our incredibly innate healing capabilities. MELANIN IS MAGIC.


  • Our purpose is to provide a luxurious, clean, streamlined skincare experience that addresses the two most common skincare concerns - hyperpigmentation and hydration.

  • Our promise is to create better informed consumers through clear and consistent  messaging, education, and by creating products that actually work. We want to make understanding your skin, and what it needs, simple. Every single product is formulated with the purpose of protecting and enhancing your melanin. No hype, no fluff, just products that will allow you to FINALLY say goodbye to dark spots, and say hello to gorgeous glowing skin. You deserve!

  • Our brand philosophy is we leave everyone and everything we come into contact with BETTER. This includes our customers, our communities, and our planet.

skincare for hyperpigmentation

Hi, I'm Ari.

I'm a 20 year beauty entrepreneur who has dealt with acne my entire career. Either while educating clients on products and ingredients, healthy lifestyle habits, and wellness tips to best manage their skin, covering up texture and discoloration while working on major film/tv projects, or even in my personal life (my skin gets real wild, yall lol!) - I know acne VERY well.  What I have learned is that treating acne is a two part job; you have to not only address the actual breakout, but also the hyperpigmentation it leaves behind.

I am a reformed product junkie, and during the height of my breakouts I was using about 15 products. The way these products spoke to my hyperpigmentation and texture was reflective of the ingredients they included - harsh, negative, highly triggering, and unnecessary. But I used them because they were popular, and I thought that aggressive exfoliation was the answer. Long story short, I burnt my skin and ended up in a much worse predicament Healing had to happen. Literally.

I changed the way that I treated, and spoke about, my skin. There is nothing “troubled” or “problematic” about our skin, and when I learned that hyperpigmentation is actually the body’s natural defense mechanism created to protect areas that are experiencing inflammation, I began to celebrate just how magical we truly are. I’m over the notion that something is wrong with our skin just because we have an occasional breakout. And while I love perfect glass skin, our acne scars and hyperpigmentation are further evidence of our body's ability to heal and protect itself. Yes, we can address acne and hyperpigmentation, but we can do so from a place of love, with clean ingredients, and formulas that are designed to heal, hydrate, and restore. I had a hard time finding a brand that celebrated my melanin and my scars, while at the same time helped me glow through active ingredients and effective products, so I created what the industry was missing. But I didn't just do it for me, I did it for you as well. You deserve quality organic ingredients. You deserve clean formulations that help you get closer to your skincare goals.


You deserve to Look Good and Live Well.

Ari Turner Atlanta

Founder & CEO

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